Bad company 2 switch to PC?

I currently have bad company 2 for my xbox 360, but my computer is due in tomorrow. I was wondering if I could play the game at high enough settings to warrant buying the game again, this time for the pc. Will it be worth it??

The pc in question:
CPU i7-860 @ 3.6ghz (30% OC)
gpu ati radeon HD 5850
4gb ram @ 1600mz
p55a ud3 mobo
850 watt corsiar psu
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  1. By the way it will be played online multiplayer only, I couldn't care less about the single player mode I just want to kill online if it makes a difference
  2. What res is your 22 inch? See my old thread below. I think your rig will rock it out but that is kind of up to you if it is worth buying it twice to play on the PC. I haven't played it on a console so I don't know how different they are graphics wise and gameplay wise.

    Do you have a high res TV that you play the 360 on? If you are playing on a lower resolution TV then just switching over to a higher resolution PC monitor will make it look better.

    Thats all I got...I will leave it up to the local trolls to tell you why PC gaming is leetsauce and consoles blow ;)
  3. Should be able to max it.
  4. I have a 22inch asus monitor it is 1920x1080. The tv is A 32inch samsung only 720p but it is a ballin ass tv that looks amazing. I just found out the rig will power the tv on all games with the graphics maxed out so I'm getting excited. I already repurchased a few games like fallout and NBA. I was jus wondering if bad company would look good enough
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