Can my system run Starcraft II?


I have been playing Blizzard Entertainment's futuristic real-time strategy Starcraft for a few years now, waiting on Starcraft IIto be developed. Having read *Don Woligroski's article "StarCraft II Beta: Game Performance Analyzed" many questions, many I never thought to ask, were answered. However, there are a few i'd like to verify; as follow:

Could my *system, *based on their review, run Starcraft II on medium, high, and/or ultra settings?

What sort of upgrades, such as graphics and video cards/drivers, should I get before running Starcraft II; if any?

Where could I get them cheap and reliably?

Many thanks,



*#1: This was also a Tom's Hardware publicated article, which most intrigued me to post and re-continue to visit here. Also, don't forget there are several pages to the article which you can navigate with either a drop-down box or selecting the "next page" button.

*#2: System information was put onto another website to avoid clutter here, which turns general people away from the article (which I don't want.) You can find it here:

*#3: Suggested that you at least skim through the entire article for additional details, but the conclusion gives a very general idea.
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  1. yes, your system could run SC2. though my guess is on medium-low settings. the issue comes down to your video card. you CPU and Ram are fine. from what iv heard and seen though sc2 is not a very demanding game. it will rely alot on CPU and luckily yours is pritty decent
  2. Thanks CrysisComa,

    It's relieving to hear that. I feel a bit more assured in playing Starcraft II now. However, I have a few questions still; as follow:

    What is a decent video card for my computer and *it's specs?

    Where can I get it at a decent price, at reliably (Best Buy v. Ebay)?


    *Specs are still at
  3. Since you already have a Radeon, you may want to consider the 5770. It sells for $150-190 on Newegg, and will be a significant upgrade from your current card.
  4. Thanks much Herr_Koos,

    This will be a welcomed upgrade to my system, especially at it's cheap price.

    Having looked at a few other websites the day before, I noticed most cards ranged at 350-400 dollars. An amount equal to a small notebook laptop, an amount I wouldn't of had; laying around at least.

    However, the 5770 is a reasonable price for a range of $150-190, as you reccomended, and i'll make proper preparations tonight for it; or something similar.

    Sincerely thanks,

  5. My pleasure! Feel free to look at other options as well, this is just my recommendation based on benchmarks and reviews as well as price vs performance.
  6. im using a 5770 for SC2. it performs very well
  7. im using a nvidia 9800gt 1gb which runs scII with all settings on high and ultra. You should be able to pick one up quite cheap now because its an old card.
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