2 players, 1 pc (2 keyboards/2 gamepads/ 1 kb 1 gp)?

A thread asking this was started years ago and was just recently left to die. If a recent and updated thread was started after, I can't find it, so I'm starting this new thread.

Are there any semi modern PC games (lets say, no older than 3 or 4 years old) that support 2 players on a single PC? Not talking about LAN, but literally sharing one PC, most likely split screen mode or sharing a screen. Playing via 2 keyboards, 2 gamepads, or 1 keyboard and 1 gamepad, anything like that? It'd be nice to have a friend come over and play computer games together.

Any suggestions? I picked up a couple from a previous thread:
Splinter Cell
Left 4 Dead
Bomberman (old, but still fun)
Serious Sam
Halo 2
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  1. hi i have a few games, 2 of them are hot seat turn based = elven legacy, all the heroes of might and magics are hot seat games and the last one i have got is Kane and Lynch i play this with my mate, i use the keyboard and he uses my gaming pad both on the same monitor split screen.

    hope this helps
  2. Trine, Shadowgrounds: Survivor and Shadowgrounds. All made by Frozenbyte.
  3. awesome! sorry for late reply, stupid spam filter was not letting me know anyone replied. So happy to see now i can play some pc games with friends. thanks! (kane and lynch was especially fun)
  4. This is one of my pet peeves: that most PC games require 2 gaming PCs and 2 copies of the game to play head to head or co-op. You can make arguments all day about the cost of PC vs console gaming, but if you want to play with a friend or family member this is definitely a disadvantage to the PC. Especially with all the new games coming out with co-op mode, it is very frustrating not to be able to play together on one PC. (end of rant)

    Anyway, to answer the original question, all the recent lego games (star wars, batman, indy) can be played co-op on the same computer. They are actually fairly fun, even for adults, at least for a while. I also believe the Civilization series of games are turned based so more than one person can play on the same computer. Somehow I could never get into turned based games, but many people think the Civilization series is great.
  5. Totally agree.

    Any chance anyone can confirm Splinter Cell, (and especially the new one, Splinter Cell Conviction) and Halo 2 are 2 players? I wanna make sure before I go out and buy them.

    Perhaps we can consider this a bump as well, any more idea's would be great. :)
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