FPS love and map size.

I started to write this in response to a thread about what got us into gaming, and as I began to write, I thought I'd just make this a separate thread. So....

I'm hooked on first person shooters. The game that started this addiction for me was Novalogic's Delta Force Land Warrior. Some people try crack and instantly know they are going to be addicts. I experienced the same effect when I got my first 700m headshot with the Barrett M82. I remember when I learned how to adjust the scope for elevataion, thus allowing me to pull off some crazy shots (in DFLW, you had to compensate for bullet drop, travel, and to some extent lag). Then it was Blackhawk Down, followed by Joint Ops Typhoon Rising (& Escalation). It gave you the sense of openness. , and finally Battlefield 2, the best FPS of all time. I did try the COD games but always went back to BF2. Lately I've been hitting the Bad Company 2 and really like it - but know it won't have the staying power for me that BF2 does. I'm already thinking about going back to it, like an old girlfriend I can't get out of my mind. Sure, I've got my new hot, young chickadee on my arm now (BC2) ;) , but when we go out and I happen to see her (BF2) from across the room I still get butterflies. :love:

On this note, one thing I lament about today's FPS is that the map sizes seem to be ever shrinking. One thing I still miss about Novalogic's games are the huge maps! There were some that I tried to find the end of but never could. Now, was it necessary to have all that space to roam in? Probably not. But, I liked that it was there. And you'd think with all that space every game would be a sniper fest - that was not the case at all. Sure, the modern FPS are great - COD4 and more so BC2 are great examples. Again, this is an example in which BF2 still beckons to me. Most of those maps seemed quite roomy, wider, and not so linear as they are in BC2.

Which brings me to my last point: BF3. I hear it's unofficially announced DICE is working on it. I'm assuming it's going to be for PC and not some dinky console port (let's face it, hard core FPS players know FPS are best on PC). I sure hope that game is designed in the tradition of BF2.
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  1. @Bird0fPrey - I believe there is help for someone like you, but not sure what the success rate is! LOL. Naw, I'm the same way! in fact, you just inspired me to get me sum BC2 after I type this!! yes i agree with the shrinking maps, but these 'fields' are so actionpacked, I rarely make it 100 yards before I get dropped! but im getting better . . . good luck with your addition!
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