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I am setting up a Windows 2012 server at the moment to be used as a host for DNS, DHCP, RRAS and also to act as a Radius server for my SonicWall Firewall.

At the moment I have a Windows 2008 Server as my Radius server and all works okay but when I try this on my 2012 it does not respond.

I have tried recreating the settings using the SonicWall artivcle for 2008 as well as exporting the settings from my old server and importing them onto the new server but it will still not respond to requests.

One thing I have noticed but cannot seem to get sorted out is the fact that the NPS service controls inside the NPS console are greyed out as the register in AD option.

Can any one help?


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  1. Just noticed that the nps service is not actually installed which could explain why I cannot start it. :)

    How do I add the service?
  2. I reinstalled the NPS role an dthis is working now.
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