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hey hey hey what is this man....i payed 1000 Indian rupees thinking that i should support BFBC2 developers and enjoy online game play as well. But what is this ???? more than 95% i see i am unable to find any game online ??/
Meri gand phat gyi ( Translation: it blew my ass ) after paying money.
I could have downloaded cracked game for single plyaer if this is all i am getting after paying 1000 Rs.
I bought it via EA and not almost all the time i am unable to play online ?
Am I missing something ? Do i get to play online if i do or pay something ?
Help me good fellas.
Man i am bit disappointed with online play.
Let me know good fellas..
I am running cracked windows 7 and that is not causing any issue is it ?
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    Another loser. Go away.
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  3. but seriously need more input
  4. Well if you want win 7 then pay for it..

    But as you have paid for BC2 I shall suggest this - have you updated to the latest version?, could be that if you are not finding any servers that you are at an old client version, I think there is an update executable in the Program Files folder - not sure as mine gets updated through steam. Try that though, and also make sure you haven't set any search criteria that means you don't find servers, there are plenty out there to find. I now always use my server history, friends and favourites to connect rather than the server browser.
  5. ollie i update and checks for the same every time i start it.
    There is not a shortage of online play is there ?
  6. There are a ton of servers to get on these days. The crashing and random kicking is a thing of the past as well. Did you DL the game or buy the disk? Like Ollie said...with the BF series, when you are running an older version, you can't play on servers with updated versions.

    Have you ran the updater program? In your game folder there should be an updater.exe that you can run. If you DL from EA...I am not sure how they manage though...through the updater or if you go online to get updates....not sure. Either way, I would check it out because it sounds like you aren't on the current version somehow.
  7. Bought it from EA and all the time when i am loged in it search for online play and say sorry could not find game.
    When i installed the game it looked for updated version and i guess updated 2 times.
    Am i suppose get auto updation fore than 2 times ?
  8. Aah guys never mind i guess lot other people have similar issue after last patch.
    I will wait and check if they do something about it.
  9. Is it an EA version thing then? I go through Steam and I haven't had any server issues that I can think of. For the first week, this game was unplayable on multiplayer. You would think this stuff had been sorted out by now.
  10. Thank you spinach for the time and help :-)
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