X-Box Friends!

Hey I just got my new X-Box and none of my facebook friends have xbox live and as of now I don't have any friends just colleagues from school.
So if anyone has Xbox live will you add me as a friend. My gamer ID is: SaltCitySlasher

Thanks, I only got fable 2, blade and tomb raider right now, but if I get some friends that all play cod or whatever then I will start getting some.
Anyways I also have a few PC games also so maybe we could play online also. Don't worry I am not a psycho or anything, just a gamer wanting to play.

If you just want to drop your Gamer ID off I can add you if your to lazy lol.
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  1. SkillfulSAMSKI

    I'm not lazy but i'll forget your Gamertag before i get home from work :)
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