Asus K8V Delux or MSI K8T Neo FISR2?

Which mobo is better, the Asus K8V Delux or MSI K8T Neo FISR2?.

I'm building a gamming machine with Radeon 9800Pro, Audigy an A64 3000+ with 1gb PC3200 Ram. Which one is best for me?

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  1. MSI K8N Neo Platinum is better than both of your listed mobos.

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  2. I guy only buy withing price range and whats available to me. I'm buying from a specific store and there are only three mobos worth considering, the 2 I mentioned and the Abit Max-3 (something like that) but it's too expensive plus it has a fan i think on the north chipset which I dont like as i'm trying to build a silent PC.

    Thanks for the help.
  3. Canadian Bacon:

    Everyone has their oppinion about what manufacture is the best or which one they THINK is the best.

    In my personal oppinion, for whatever its worth, Asus is the clear choice, for their Quality, Reliability, and Outstanding performance, I have had other brands of Mobo but never one that ran as well, and had as few bugs as my Asus Mobos.

    From an experiance standpoint i have come to a point of almost fanatic loyalty to Asus as i have never had one single problem with an Asus Mobo ever, however their graphics cards are another story.

    I bought a ASUS Ti4200s and it was a POS, i had to RMA it 3 times, and when it broke the 4th time i said the hell with it and gave up, however dont judge their entire product line this way, i have only seen this example of poor quality to be in one single product line of their graphics cards. I guess no company is perfect eh?

    Yeah Asus is the way to go if your seeking the best Mobo you can possibly get. If your seeking a good mobo on the cheap then Abit is the way to go.

    I want to talk to you about the "gotta have it now or im gonna die" syndrome /chuckle, more times then not, getting what you really want or need is way the hell more important then compromising and getting some gimp POS just because the local retail mom and pop store is too lame to have anything good in stock, DONT DO THIS TO YOURSELF!!!

    Take the time to order Online from, get the best deals, but most importantly GET WHAT YOU WANT! You will save money and get some killer Hardware too.
    In the instance that you dont have a credit problem, say, hey mom i need to borrow your credit card so i can order some shiz online, heres the Cash for it, and the croud goes wild! lala...

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  4. K8V, i have it and i love it (though it doesn't have a pci/agp lock :frown: )

    [mind went blank]
  5. Problem with the whole online deal. First thing is, my dad is throwing in 1000$ for my computer, the other 1050$ or so is up to me. If my dad is putting in money, he has to se tha damn thing for himself when he spends that much, he wont buy it online. Secondly, those online stores are American and dont ship to Canada. All canadian online stores have much higher prices. Thirdly, bothe the MSI and Asus boards i'm looking at are top of the line. Yes there may be boards better than it, but are they that much better to break the bank for?

    One last note. I was reading reviews over at They gave the MSI an 92 while the Asus only got a 78? I know Asus is reliable, but is a reliable source? Is the MSI really that much better according to them?

    Finnally, the dynamic overclocking that the MSI offers. Is it a good option-- does it really work?

    Thanks again
  6. You know what dude, I would send the money to Crashman, give him a shopping list, and it WILL get to Canada and it will work when it gets there! JMHO

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  7. Canadian price are higher because the US dollar worth more than the canadian one. so, if you order, let say, 100$ us worth of hardware, you can be expecting to pay 150$can or more because of conversion, tax when crossing the border, transportation...

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
  8. more like 135$, the Canadian dollar isnt that bad. But even with exchange and everything, it is more expensive to buy online from a site that ship in canada than it is to buy from a local retailer. The only decently price website i could think of is direct direct (which is also located in the US)however they are still more expensive and their stor is a 10min drive for me so its still not worth buying online.
    Anyways, back to the original question. I understand Asus has a great name and good track record, however is its better to stick with Asus or go the MSI route.
  9. If you can't afford a board with a decent chipset perhaps you shouldn't be building such an expensive system!

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  10. lol, take a nap crash.
  11. heya

    Most likely they can order any Mobo you want from Asus or MSI, it never hurts to ask, if they stock a brand they can normally get in any item from that company, if its available from their wholesaler, if there is a board you like better then the ones they have in stock then have them order it.

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  12. Well basically these two boards are top of the line. The only thing you can go above for them for socket 754 is the nforce chipset versions. Is this chipset reallt that much better. I heard that hyper transport is limited. Is it really worth another 30 or so dollars?
  13. heya

    The Nforce chipsets have been very good in the past and recieved much praise for their performance and features, recently there was a bad Nforce chipset, unfortunately i cant remember which one it was, do some research and ask around on that, however the Nforce chipset does seem to be worth the extra money, pretty much from where im sitting performance is everything, if your gonna do it you might as well do it right.
    Each to his own if you wanna try and save a few bucks here and there fine, just make sure you get the best hardware you can for the money, as you want to be happy with it, dont settle for something you might not be happy with.

    You can put together a very nice system for a reasonable amount of money that wont break you, just dont cut corners and chince on important things like motherboard, it is the foundation your computer is based on, if its not right the entire computer wont be right.

    Do the research, spend any amount of time that is required to be as informed as possible, as computers are expensive, the more you know the better you will understand the implications of what you are dealing with, you will better understand why hardware selections like the motherboard are so important.

    The point im trying to allude to is, make sure you are happy, make sure you are getting what you really want, because in the end its all about your happiness.

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