Never Again!!!

I will never again buy anything from, they have the worst customer service support that I ever tryed!!!
Also, they use FedEx in which does not delivers to PObox, and why the hell not?! they would not answers me!
Once I tryed to go pick it up from the main location, they lost the package and did give a [-peep-] about it!
here is what they wrote to my email address:

"If the package cannot be delivered it will be considered a 'return to sender' by FedEx and returned to our warehouse(s), whereupon you will be refunded. I've contacted FedEx and have requested that the package be returned. We cannot re-generate or re-activate an order once it has been returned to us, so the full amount you paid will be refunded back to your credit/debit card.
Sorry for the inconvenience."

What kind of [-peep-] service is this? I've just spend over $400.00 on a MB and CPU, and this is the response I got!!!
I will never buy anything from newegg and/or use FedEx as shiping any of my merchandise from the web!!!
Please pass this along your friends, everybody should know about newegg and their lousy customer service!!!
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  1. yes, I dislike and distrust FedEx myself. But I don't think UPS delivers to P.O. boxes either. At least it's easier to pick up a package from UPS, they'll hold it for me.

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  2. Only the Post Office can deliver to Post Office Boxes! It is also illegal for anyone but the mailman to put anything in the mailbox. Your mistake, not NewEggs!

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  3. You are no wize at all.

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  4. Well, I know that I made a mistake in giving them my PoBox as shipping address, but they should told me that before the transaction was complete!! by the way, I spend over $400.00
  5. Eddie, just cool down. Do you realize how many items are shipped out of Newegg, Mwave,, etc. each day? They expect you to know this stuff, but, in all honesty, I'm real surprised your order was accepted. It could have beeen punched in by a newbie employee. It doesn't mean they suck!

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  6. Yeah man, you can rant all you want, but that company has one of the best feedback ratings on the net, chances are you had one of the rare bad experiences.

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  7. Yeah, none of the overnight couriers will deliver to a PO Box. Only the post office does overnight deliveries to a PO Box I work in the mailroom so I am telling people this all day long. Mental note " sucks" got it.

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  8. Actually, I see nothing of newegg's stupidity here, but plenty of yours. Newegg seemed to handle it like professionals, while you act like a jackazz. Shrug. I knew there was a reason I quit reading most peoples posts.

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  9. ""but that company has one of the best feedback ratings on the net""

    Well, they do have a good service, but the thing is that "best feedback" is artificially upped as well, especially on the newegg's site. I tested it myself: got myself a newest Logitech's mouse MX510 and posted my 3 star so-so feedback on the site and guess what, still never seeing it, even though posts after mine are there already! All I could see were some stupid kid's like 5 star comments about the crappy mouse (which I will modify to fit my hand right anyway;) and shouts like "NewEgg is best! NewEgg is best!"

    So, the rating (especially on the net) is not always the best way of laying a trust on some thing.

    And if it were me, I would refund the guy his money, caz they SHOULD state it on the site that they DO NOT deliver into POs when you fill the address page out. And if there is no such banner, it is THEIR FAULT.

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  10. i thought newegg has an address verification step before they even pull your items for packing...i dont know how it got passed that, a PO box should not have passed as an address.

    My experiences with newegg have been alright. i had one bad experience with a hard drive, and to this day am willing to pay 15 dollars of neweggs price on a hdd just so i dont have to buy from them.

    but i've spend thousands there(most of it wasn't my money though) and most of my transactions were smooth and orderly. and problems i had were answered by a sales accosiate and not an automated computer message.

    so in a system of 5 stars...i give newegg a 4.

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  11. There is a very bad catch on all on line shoppings, YOU HAVE TO PAY MORE if something is not "right" and you must ship stuff back. So there is no actually any savings from buying stuff from newegg and such.

    I buy from them only things that I really want and cannot find them in retail (which in reality IS cheaper than any newegg out there if you will take shipping back and forth in consideration. From all around the net I lost about 10% more than I would if I would get stuff from the store (even with taxes) by playing this game.

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  12. Blah, my bro. They did refund the guy his money that is what he is pe-od about he wanted the package. :>) They didn't rip him off his package just got returned.

    Re the feedback thing. I have heard that as well about the buyer reviews being cut out occasionally if they were negative or whatnot. However I also often see someone placing a review based on hearsay or because they did not look at the description carefully or they did not read the directions. I don't think the buyer reviews are screened all that well to start with. Occasionally people post and ask a question about the product they don't even have for instance.

    However, the buyer reviews are not the same as the ratings through bizrate and other companies if I am not mistaken. I believe they are handled via third party regarding your order as a whole and buying experience. Otherwise why wouldn't every one of these vendors slant their reviews, he he? So although it may be a pisser they didn't post your three rating for that mouse, I don't think that has anything whatsoever to do with their bizrate rating. Correct me if I am wrong on that, but the bizrate feedback is more like a survey type deal, no? (But then again I am going on hearsay, he he:>) I haven't filled mine out yet because I wanted to wait till I had all my parts ordered and set up rather than just rating them on the timely service and promt delivery.
    As to the orginal poster. I understand your pain. It was easy enough to order from new egg at my apartment at grad school. I always used to wince back home in rural Virginia when I would see "won't deliver to po boxes". And it was usually something like a rebate or something that didn't seem to make sense to me why not (I guess fraud prevention on the rebate?). Anyway I know that is a pain in the but. But I also have to say I have looked through a lot of ratings on these online vendors over the past 6 months and of the vendors that look decent (not the really scaby ones that really are bad) it pains me to see about 90% of the bad reviews have to do with a situation like yours. Someone will give some little company that is probably busting its *ss to stay competitive with some giant like new a egg a 1 becuse they were too f***ing stupid/lazy/spoiled to read the rules. I shouldn't put it that way because it sounds ugly but it is a form of shifting the blame, let me say. A company like new egg that ships 10,000 orders a day and has a solid rep can stand to absorb a few bad reviews here and there. A small company that ships out 100 orders a day may have their ratings reduced a level by a few of these. And once that green smiley face goes yellow, I ain't buying from there.
    I see alot of people mad because their shipping address is different from their billing address, which with all the identity theft going on they should be greatful the company is checking rather than just shipping indescriminately.

    I gotta say, bro, your issue is more a you reading and delivery service communicating issue. Granted New Egg would have been better off not to ship the order, however at least it gave you the option to use your tracking number, locate your package and go pick it up. I imagine if you had been right on top of it you could have done it that way and still gotten your package before they sent it back. I think ups comes by three times before they ship back. Not sure about fed ex. Perhaps fed ex just shipped it back as a matter of course when they saw the po box though? At any rate they should be able to deliver to your physical address even if it is out in the boonies were I am from.

    I know you are peod, not intending to bust your balls, just saying that if you got a promt refund there really isn't any harm done except you have to wait again which is a pain.
    Just imagine the fly by night company that stalls/never gives/or is beligerant about the refund. I mean after all these companies are in business to make money. That is the reason why any company is in business whether it is potato chips or computer chips they are selling, right? New egg had to pay to ship you a package and then they sent you a refund because your address was either undeliverable or ups decided not to hold it or you procrastinated picking it up. Any way you look at it new egg lost money on shipping and got nothing. Now you are going to give them a bad review? You should chalk it up to experience instead, my friend.
  13. WOw look at those models---sweeeeeeeeeet
  14. oh, I did not read the first massage reply part, just saw his yelling "ripped off" and concluded he was, hehehe, anyway, new a egg 1 is ok, they do what they say, that's what counts these "hard to beleive" days.

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  15. Cool your jets man. I've spent well over $400 with them and will continue to. You should not have used a PO Box no delvers there except USPS. Where the heck have you been.
  16. Blah, now that is just plain BS! Go buy a 9600XT at Best Buy for $199.00. Now figure your gas and time for getting there and back not to mention the sales tax. Now go on-line and buy that card for $169.00 and free shipping with no sales tax. Looks like 25% savings to me. You can't even buy half the stuff locally that you can buy on-line. It's a "no-brainer".

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  17. agreed, retail just doesn't cut it for anyone wihtout unlimited money;

    the nearest decent computer store to me is microcenter in westmont, and that is a half hour away via TOLL way.

    so i pay two 40 cent tolls, an hour of gas, sales tax, AND the already high retail price...then to exchange it i have to pay another 80 cents in tolls, and another hour of gas.

    if i buy it online, i save 25% right off the bat, like craig said. then to exchange it i pay 5 dollars to ship it back with USPS(its wonderfully inexpensive to ship USPS)and have a 15% restock fee taken, i've STILL saved money over going to the store.

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  18. what you mean when stuff is not right? why would you have to send anything back and pay for it if it was their mistake. they take care of it if you got the wrong thing. if you dont know what your buying before you pay for it you deserve all the punches in the nuts you get. counter-strike game server -
    now featuring valve security module!
  19. LOL, you peepel were born yesterday, still need time to grow up. As far as BS for retail prices go.. hehe, I have a store 10 mins from my house which has almost same prices as newegg, (<A HREF="" target="_new">Clicky</A> started to ship as well, download price list and see for yourself) so I am no BS no more, there is no point, and it is really unfortunate for you living in suburbs.

    As far as "savings" go.. Just recently I had my P4 board sent back 2 (that’s two) times, which added 30 bux to the price tag. First one was DOA, another has some problems with IDE, so I no BS no more, hehehe. You peepel are no wize enough to even cope with what I am saying, have fun with your "online" shopping ;)

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  20. I resently have bought over 1000$ worth in parts from newegg. I had no problem with them at all. I had to send 2 parts back for rma and it was smooth as butter. Newegg's service is extremely good. And if you read closely it says right where you put your address in "we do not send to P.O. boxes".

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  21. If you sent it back twice it must have been a BioStar, or BS for short! :lol:

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  22. yes it is unfortunate...i wish i had a nice computer store like yours by me. i would rather see and touch what im buying...but i dont want to pay 10% more to do it. so newegg it is.

    plus i live right by the fedex, ups, and USPS distribution centers so i get my stuff a day earlier than im supposed to. EVERYTHING is 2-day shipping in DuPage county! i tried 2 day shipping to see if it would come in one day...but as expected it did not.

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  23. Sorry for the construction yard humor. I deleted it. Just for the record though:

    female model=hot

    any dude = not
  24. Had to get P4 board, so the first one was Abit, another EPoX (just for the record, I don't buy BS on the net, only the best;)

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  25. There's a new one for you! Iv'e had more luck on E-Bay than you've had at Newegg! :lol:

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  26. Lots of peepel don't believe me, but I have some kind of karma to get "unlucky" items, or anything I touch breaks, etc.

    Just recently I had to buy lawn mower for my yard, you know how many I went through, lol - 4, stopped at 5th and took it to the repair shop to fix it by warranty (got sick of going back to stores), last one did not want to move by itself, and when it came from the shop it was scratched all over, I just said, screw it, this one moves right finally, I'll paint it (and don't think there were BS, they were more than $500 each!) LOL

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  27. You spammed the forum so I should just have Eden molest your cornhole but instead I'd like to repeat a SOLUTION to YOUR PROBLEM.

    1. Don't be a shithead and realize that they do state that po boxes can't be shipped to BEFORE you order.
    2. Use your real address numbnuts.
    3. If you want to ship to a PO Box, use the actual address of the building that it's in and then just list a number. This is a sneaky way around it.
    4. To ship to a po box they would have to use a special form and nobody wants to do that. This is all your problem for not having an actual address to ship to.

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  28. Ok ok, I think the guy got it by now, lol..... enough.....poor fella

    Good solution though dhlucke
  29. alot of companies make bs crap too, bro. Maybe that model had problems. I rarely buy stuff but when I do I go to the bookstore and check out the latest consumer report.
  30. lol, I guess you guys are my consumer report for computer parts, he he :smile:
  31. dude, you are not alone in this world (smart that is;)

    Honda makes bestest stuff there is when it comes to engines and stuff, ALL of them were Hondas, even the last one still is Honda (well.. last one is a Craftsman with Honda engine and insides:)

    No body makes them anymore, but Honda still does, it is one with the blade clutch release, so when you emptying a bag it does not stop and still running but without the blade spinning, super machine, I don't have to jerk it every time I'm emptying the bag ;o>

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  32. god bagging? my lawn is much too big for that...well my lawn is only half of what i mow, the rest is government parkway that im forced to mow by oradanance. but anyway, bagging would take far too long! mulching puts all those nice nutrients back into my soil...mmmm

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  33. Wow, man. Sorry that it didn't go your way, but I've always found newegg very fair. You got an honest, direct response to your problem-even if it sux2bU. And anyone who really, honestly can buy retail for a lesser overall cost is very lucky. For me it's all online, and often newegg.

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