Im planning to buy a cpu for starcraft 2 will this do?

I read the sc2 benchmark thing on this site but im still having some second thoughts before buying it.

Processor: AMD phenom x2 555

RAM: Kingston 2gb DDR3

HDD: Samsung 160gb

Graphics: Inno3D GTS250

Motherboard: Asus P5KPL-AM

Im just buying a cpu and ill prolly buy the other stuff (fans,power supply, lan card) on the day itself.

My budget is 500 bucks
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  1. I think that will be fine.

    TH just did an article anaylsing system performance for the SC2 beta,2611.html

    But to quickly answer your question regarding CPU:
    "The good news is that any modern dual-core CPU over 2.0 GHz should be able to run the game acceptably, and more megahertz will only help."

    As far as your system build, you should check out the "build your own" forum, here on TH. they have a lot of great stickied tutorials and whatnot.
    My advice (and i am just a newbie, so dont take my word for it), would be to try and save a little bit more money. $500 isnt much, though I am sure you can build a solid gaming rig for that much. I just think an extra $100-200 dollars would get you a much better system for not much more money. but i understand what its like being on a strict budget.
  2. Should be fine. I ran starcraft 2 on my e5200 dual core 2.5ghz and a gtx260 maxed setting.

    Starcraft 2 seems to use the gpu a lot because whenever I finish riva tuner shows a lot of heat and activity for my gpu.
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