What was this old game called?

I am looking for the name of an old game.Its a PC game I saw someone playing 8-9 years ago.It was a FPS though I remember that you could switch to third person sometimes.The level which I saw being played was a snowfield, but I did not see till the end of the level.The protagonist was a man(not a young one but a old fellow probably 40+ years of age).His face was shown on the bottom of the screen which showed his health through the amount of blood splatter.You could use a variety of weapons(including those oil-dripped bottles as explosives).There was a bit of stealth elements in the game - like setting off alarms would cause dogs to attack at you.Anyone remembers this game? Any idea would be appreciated...
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  1. I think you would know if you were talking about doom... maybe deux ex or a james bond game or well I dunno I really have no idea sorry.
  2. No, it was not Deus ex as it did not have a futuristic setting.It could not have been a James Bond game as the only James Bond PC game of that time was 007 Nightfire and I'm pretty sure it wasn't that either.The game I'm talking about allowed for certain amount of interaction with the environment,if I remember correctly(like you had to break locks to enter certain buildings)
  3. Wolfenstein? (original)

    Rise Of The Triad? any of those ring a bell?
  4. Either IGI or Metal Gear Solid, but i dunno if its Metal Gear Solid cuz the new ones are only on PS3, dunno about old ones :P

    GL :D
  5. Sounds like wolfenstein.
  6. Wolfenstein had no snowfields, explosives or third-person mode. Can't be that.
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