PS3 to monitor (LG E2250v) nightmare

I have a new monitor, the LG E2250V and I'm tearing my hair out trying to get my PS3 on there. The two are connected via a HDMI to HDMI cable, now I have had the PS3 on once or twice and I was able to set the output settings on the PS3. It registered the HDMI connection and set the resolution to 1080. But, it just won't come on again. Instead, a message appears saying 'HDMI Power Saving Mode' and the monitor goes on stand-by. What can I do? And where's the problem - the monitor, the PS3, or the cable? arghhh...

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  1. sounds like the PS3 is outputting a resolution your monitor cant handle so it turns off.

    Reset the PS3 with the power button , turn it on holding the power button down then turn off and back on.
    that should reset the display options, then tell the ps3 to auto select the hdmi resolution output. it will auto detect the maximum the monitor can handle.

    The moniotor link you have there shows 1920x1080 ok but does not say if that is i or p. Also does not mention HDCP so may have an issue with that but not entirely sure. More likely you have selected P and the monitor only supports i.
  2. Maybe if you reset the ps3 and force it to use 720p....might be worth a shot.
  3. the ps3 did auto assign the 1080 resolution, i can't remember if it was p or i though. like i said it's been on twice it just doesn't do it consistently. in fact, much more often than not it wasn't working. but i think i may have made some progress. i switched from a hdmi -- hdmi cable to a hdmi -- dvi-d cable and it seems to be working better. so maybe I just had a faulty cable...
  4. Could be. My Hanns g monitor can do 1080i, but not 1080p.
  5. ohiou_grad_06 said:
    Could be. My Hanns g monitor can do 1080i, but not 1080p.

    Odd...since "i" standards are typically only used by cable providers to save on bandwith; moniters have been using progressive scan since the old days of 640x480 (480p). I've yet to see a computer moniter only support an interlace resolution, but not the progressive resolution...
  6. Keep in mind my monitor is more than a year old as well.
  7. Doesn't matter; Interlace standards are only used in analouge transmissions anyways; moniters have used Progressive almost exclusivly since the 70's...
  8. Little strange then. I'm thinking my ps3 picked it up that way, so maybe I could force it to 1080p then, who knows?
  9. i have the same monitor, i plugged the HDMI cable into a HDMI to DVI converter, my ps3 works fine (picture qualitys awesome),

    monitor supports FULL HD

    (HMDI to DVI converters are small and cheap, mine came with my grahics card)

    just a note, the monitor (plus DVI dosnt support audio) does not have any speakers, so you will need an audio device connected directly to the ps3

    hope this helps
  10. yeh I have it working now, I was using a hdmi > hdmi cable at first which I think was faulty. I'm now using a hdmi > dvi which works very nicely and yes, the picture quality is awesome.

    Roll on Read Dead Redemption! :bounce:
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