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Hey Everyone. Was working long hours on PC recently and went into the Java Chat Forum in Toms Hardware Community Page. As i loaded the page got a request wheter or not to load components for the irc thing. I stupidly said no and now cant get into the chat room !! Any ideas as this was a usefull real time source of tech support for me. I need to reset it as i never get requested for it anymore !!. HELP
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  1. That looks like a JVM problem, ensure installed JVM in your OS or go to for downloading. make sure update to xp sp1 before install JVM.
  2. :( Thats not the problem. The problem is that i clicked on no when asked if i wished to stop being asked to load the components for the java chat in the future. . I had been using the page happily for weeks and Java is already installed. Didnt you read my post ? Its like a setting in IE or windows which needs to be reset.
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