Wireless xbox controller...not a sink issue.

I have just downloaded the new Splinter Cell Convictions game for PC and opted to add the wireless xbox controller with reciver. The game can be played just fine using the key pad comands so I know the game was propperly installed. I installed the updates for the reciver using the MS updater for windows 7 64bit. The controller and reciver sinked with out such as a glich. I went through the the properties portion using the devices manager menu. All installs read ok and the remote tests opperational...all buttons, sticks and top hat. Now onto the root of the problem. When I access the game the controlls I am using will not respond to the propper comands (B is X, X is B, the left and right take place of the camera / view and so forth. Manny of the controlls buttons seem unresponcive in the game. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software twice and sinked with two other controllers from my xbox 360. All results remain identical. The game jacket states a 12-button, 2-axis game pad can be used and should automatically enabl ( as the xbox controller is ). This dose not seem to be the case. I hope you have a solution for this issue. Thanks for your time.
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    I haven't had any experience with this game, but sometimes you have to redefine the buttons in custom/keyconfig settings within the game. Certain games allow you to use the xbox360 controller staight off (bioshock), but most require redefining the controller inputs.

    As I,m sure you know the xbox controller it's self has no mapping ability and it seens the game has only options for controller on, invert, sensitivity and vibration. I have gone throught the games properties with no luck. I'll keep trying but, I think I just may be out of luck using the xbox controller with this game. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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