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i have a gigabyte motherboard with dual core 2.8 ghz and sparkle 9400gt .
for about 2-3 months i am facing problems while playing new games like bad company 2 , assassins creed 2 . while my freinds with ame conf. are playing the games without a glitch in my computer the fps is very slow and sound is shifting. but games like mass effect 2 , mirrors edge run mostly fine. one thing to mention here that my cpu temp increases often about 65-70c and the fan causes sound . can you please tell me where may be the problem and how to solve it
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  1. 1) that setup wont run BC2 properly, and you barely meet the cpu req for Assassins Creed 2
    2) 65-70C is waayyyyy tooo hotttt for a cpu. I say 50C max, maybe 55 and thats under heavy load.
  2. 65-70c is high for a CPU.

    Even your graphic card is inadequate to play those games :(
    (CPU is fine)
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