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Odd Problem, No Boot, Fans On, No Beeps

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July 1, 2004 10:25:55 PM

Last night I shut my computer off. Nothing unusual happened.
Today when I started my computer nothing happened except the fans started. No monitior display, no keyboard activity, no error beeps from mobo, no hard drive activity.
Rebooted three times, same problem occurred.
Head scratching commenced with a little swearing.
I pulled the side cover, all fans were running.
Shut off the computer again.
Pulled the jumper on the mobo to reset the bios. I didn't choose to clear the bios and return to default settings.
Left the jumper off for five minutes.
Returned the jumper to the normal position.
Restarted computer.
Normal boot up occurred.
Entered the bios. Everything was set to my choices.
Restarted and Windows loaded normally.
Checked error logs, no errors.
So far everything is fine. No errors. Performed standard maintenance, nothing unusal found. Shut down and restarted a few more times, no problems occurred.

What's up with the no boot?
Cosmic ray cause an error in the bios flash chip?

Set up
Mobo: Intel D875PBZLK
Proc: Intel Prescott P4 @ 3.2GHz
Memory: Dual Channel 1GB OCZ PC3200 Enhanced Latency
Memory Timing: 2-3-3-6 (set from spd)
Video Card: BBATI Radeon 9800XT with overdrive enabled
Sound Card: Soundblaster Audigy II
LAN: Intel Gigabit (on board)
Video Capture: BBATI TV Wonder Pro
OS: WinXP Pro

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July 1, 2004 10:47:30 PM

Forgot to mention I checked the power supply. Voltages are stable and less than 3% from set point.
Checked monitor logs for temperature and voltage errors. No logs entered.
Power supply is an Antec True Power 380W. Under extreme full load condition my system should not need more than 360W.

My system does not seem to be overheating.
Power supply is cool when touched. Air leaving exhaust fan on power supply is not excessively warm.
Using the supplied Intel cooler with the processor. Idle temperature is 52C, Highest full load temperature I have seen is 66C.
Average motherboard temperature, two sensor locations one beside cpu second beside memory slots is 39C for both sensors.
Concerned about video card temperature. The gpu averages 71C.

Case cooling two 120mm fans, one intake and one exhuast. Both fans are temperature controlled.
Ambient temperature averages 24C.
Triple checked Intel white papers. System temperatures are all within Intel's guidlines. Critcal temperature for the cpu (temperature where clock throttling begins and transistor junction failure may occur) is 73C.

I think if the heat produced by the gpu could be removed/exhuasted outside the case the cpu and motherboard temperatures would drop by more than 10%. The Radeon 9800XT operates too hot in my opinion.
In the future I will be replacing the cpu cooler. I was thinking about getting water cooling but I will probably get a heatpipe set up instead.
On my old computer I had a heatpipe setup on the cpu and it was very effective. It reduced the full load cpu temperature by 10C.

<font color=red><i>Doctor Hooter</i></font color=red> <A HREF="" target="_new"><b>(·Y·)</b></A>
July 4, 2004 11:05:26 AM

heya zpyrd:

My guess is thermal variation is causing the PCB of your hardware to shrink/expand causing pins to get out of allignment, or the same thing could happen if you move your case around alot.

It makes my heart drop into my shoes everytime it happens as well heheh

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July 5, 2004 1:46:25 AM

Well that just sucks.

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