GTA san andreas increase driving skills

please can somebody tell how to increase the driving skills in gta san andreas without cheats and by actually playing the game??
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  1. Hmm.. Let me think about that one..

    Dunno, I'm stumped. I was going to recommend that you play the game until you get better at it, but that seems to obvious to be the correct answer.
  2. Just drive more - long periods of high speeds and handbrake turns without craching help, but it's a slow process.

    I've completed SA loads of times and my driving skill always lags behind my bike skill. Wheelies / stoppies help with the bikes and I prefer to use them over cars...
  3. As kyzar stated, the longer you drive a particular vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle), the better your skills will increase eventually.

    I don't think I would worry too much about it though. I completed the game and I don't remember my skills increasing that much. If anything, I was more focused on keeping CJ buffed and ready for the ladies, although I only had the one girl from the ghetto as my GF and eventually, I just forgot about her and took to trying to overtake everything and complete the missions.
  4. The more you drive the better it gets.
  5. Yea, drive alot.
    wow i cant believe no one said this, DRIVING SCHOOL lol I am pretty sure it increases your driving skill.
  6. Man i cannot find the driving school.where is it on the map.when i go to airport like place they tell me to go to pilot schools.i cant find these schools.please help.
  7. Press the "L" key in the MAP. That will show legends.
    You just have to see the sign of Driving school and find the location in the map.

    BTW I remember that the Car Driving School is somewhere near the Garage safehouse :)
  8. Yes. It is a cup shaped icon.when go there it says ur driving skill is not high enough to enter the race.
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    karanpal singh said:
    Yes. It is a cup shaped icon.when go there it says ur driving skill is not high enough to enter the race.

    That's not driving school. That's the championship for which you'll be eligible once you do all driving school misson.
  10. I remember the driving school. That was a pain! I don't think I even finished it. It's not really required to finish the game.
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