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Hello, my fiancee would like to know if he can have his character in elder scrolls IV: oblivion have intercourse?
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  1. You're doing it wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. if he's doing it wrong, then let me know how and i will tell him.
  3. No. There's no sex in Oblivion.
  4. What I meant was, is that if he's looking for that stuff in a video game, then you're doing it wrong!
  5. In the original game there is none -- but there are mods out there that add new animations and body mods that make the characters anatomically correct - so it is possible if you add the mods to your game.
  6. You Can do it with modifications but you would need a PC and a PC copy of Oblivion
  7. Tell him to play mass effect and mass effect 2, much sexier with sex scenes and alien strippers.
  8. No, get Dragon Age: Origin.... oh yea, she's hot.
  9. oh yeah, very nice, what you do is you run really fast into people in the game, pretend they're naked and fill the rest in with you mind.
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