MMO's and hard drive wipes

My computer had a problem so I had a computer technician look at it, and he told me that my computer needed a new hard drive. So I told him okay replace it then. But then I thought of the fact that I had downloaded an MMO and made considerable progress in it. And to make matters worse it was downloaded onto my other faulty hard drive.

Is there any way for me to access my character and continue playing once the new hard drive is installed, or do I have to start all over again?
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  1. You will have to download the game client again of course, unless you have a backup. If you are lucky, all the stats for your character will be saved on the server for the game. If you remember you login information, when you get in the game your character may still be there. Good luck
  2. thanks
  3. If it is one of the "big" MMO you will be fine. Worth asking any of your friends if they have the game though.

    If so, take your external HDD / ipod etc to there house, copy there game files and save yourself the 12hour download and update. Save time and your sainity!
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