HELP about my games in my spec PC !!!

I have a computer with specs as follows:

MB: asus p5kpl-am a
vga card: 1GB DDR3 gt220
Processor: core2duo e 7500 2.93 GHz

guess what 3D games can I play with a comfortable ...

thx before,,
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  1. Most middle of the road games on average settings. MMO's etc will all be fine. Crysis will probably not run too smoothly on medium settings, but that is about it.

    Aim to run your FPS at 30+ . Keep to 1280x1024 and keep AA off would be my advice.

    For more info read the below and note that the benchmark system has a more processoring power;,review-31703-8.html

    Hope that helps.
  2. You can go to and have it benchmark your PC based on the game you want to run.

    Just click on the Games link and from there, you can choose a game to see if it would run well on your set up.
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