Moving games saves to other pc?

Hi guys,
I am going to change my hardrive and install windows 7. But, I am wondering when I change install Windows, Do I lose all my local games saves such as Crysis or Bad company 2? Is there someway to transfer them to my new Windows?
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  1. Typically, the saved game files are either in your 'my documents/NAME OF GAME/saved games/', or the directory where the game was installed, and usually they are in a 'Saved Games' folder. You can do a quick search in at the top of that directory for 'save' and something should come up. Once you locate them just copy and paste 'em to a flash drive, reinstall your games in win7, and paste them back into the directory. Oh, and these files are pretty tiny in size too.
  2. right, I'll try that
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