nForce 3 250GB PCI-EX

When will this mobo be out. I really want to buy a PCI-EX mobo so I can get a PCI-EX 6800 GT (I want to get SLI when the mobos and I don't want to replace an AGP card). On that note when will a 6800 GT be out?

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  1. You want a lot.

    PCIe should be out within a couple of months. and i dont know

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  2. You mean nforce 4. Nvidia is working on it. Not due out til the fall. The graphics cards will have to be matched pairs. The first pcx cards (agp cards with a pci express bridge) will not work in SLI with the pure pci express cards.
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  4. Don't expect PCI-EXPRESS nForce3 MB. nVidia will not support PCI-EXPRESS on nForce3, it will on nForce4 due later this year (nearly 2005).

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