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ok ive installed crysis on windows 7 64 bit and it doesnt seem to play as good as it use to on vista 32 bit. the game will load and can play the game on very high setting and resolution at 1900 x 1200 with around 30+ fps but after a few minutes it drops down around 5fps then the menu takes for ever to open. ive tried several different things, drivers are up to date, installed patch v1.2 still same problem.

my pc specs

mobo xfx 780i
cpu intel duo e6850 3ghz oc to 3.49
ram 4 gigs corsair ddr2 800
graphics card dual 8800gtx sli slightly oc
psu 700w thermaltake
hd 300gig wd
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  1. Try playing with no OC.
  2. He's right, I think the heat is throttling the cpu & gpu & slowing down the game. Find a stable OC, or don't OC
  3. uninstalled and reinstalled the other night and the game played fine no problems of any sort that night, today on the other hand 5 minutes into playing it all starts to lag again and my temps was
    cpu 47 c
    gpu 65 c

    so i dont think the heat is the problem
  4. Have you tried backing down your OC a little and testing? Maybe adding some volts to your RAM?

    Instability could be your problem. :/
  5. yeah ive tried setting everything back to stock and running the game on low settings but still same porblem
  6. What Thermaltake psu ?
  7. There seems to be a problem with Crysis on systems with Windows 7 64 bit and SLI and the only solution found is to use older nVidia drivers.
    Look here:
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