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Hello all,

I am building my new computer. I built one 2 years ago and used an intel motherboard and a 1.8 ghz Pentium 4. I want to do the same. I am NOT an overclocker. I use my computer for web page design,some gaming,web surfing,word processing and most importantly ,video editing using my digital camera and a plextor converter. I had great reliability and stability from the intel board. I was wondering what the latest boards were that would meet my needs, I am concerned with quality and stability.

I would prefer native SATA, at least 5 PCI slots, PCI xpress would be nice as well as the fastest AGP available. I do not want dual processors and on board raid,sound and graphics are all optional.Any advice on what type of pentium 4 and chipset, as well as ram,you would recommend would be excellent and appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. The 915p socket 775 boards are available at a few locations for about $140-160. Some have built in video. The 2.8 socket 775 is called the 520 model, and it about $200 retail boxed. Search pricewatch for availability of these items. Socket 478 cpus and boards are cheaper, and offer about the same performance, but don't offer pci express. You may not find the brand you prefer, as the boards are fairly scarce. As far as reliability, there's very little data yet, as most people are still using socket 478 systems.
  2. I would suggest an Intel OEM 865 board and a P4 2.8C. There are no boards out yet with PCI Express and AGP, least that I've seen, and even with the PCI-Ex out, I'd wait a while until everything settles down. SO buying right now, I'd still go with a PCI/AGP board, utilizing SOcket 478. Use the stock Heatsink and fan, buy Crucial RAM, Seagate Hard drive and ATI video card. Use only Windows HQL certified drivers on the video card. Get a quality case, quality power supply(Enermax, SParkle, Fortron, PC Power and COoling or Antec). Use Sony or Pioneer for optical drives. Will give you an extremely stablle system. I didn't even shoot that much for stability, and still have a system that I never hvae to reboot, unless a software install requires it. Personally, have no patience with crashes of any kind, years of working on servers has pushed that same idea towards my desktop use. Only time I've crashed this current system (865/P4 2.8C/seagate hard drive/enermax power supply, sound familiar?) was when I was playing with overclocking, and even then, only managed it once, even when I was running Processor at 115% or so of stock speeds and video card oc'd by that much or more too.

    Oh yeah, and make sure you have a good UPS, I prefer APCs
  3. You'll never find a board with 5 PCI slots and PCI-Express slots.

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