Has notebook/laptop hard drive cooling improved?

Whenever I read a review of 2.5" HDDs on THG, I wonder why heat issues are never brought up. Before I installed a fan control utility on my Dell Inspiron 8100 (which is probably badly designed) and bought one of the cooling stands, HDD temps would often exceed 65°C/150°F.

The previous owner/user (one of my brothers) of this notebook had two HDD failures (thank heaven for 3 year service contracts) within a month. When he got a desktop, the notebook effectively became mine and I managed to identify the problem (I've had the same HDD for nearly a year now; apart from a few bad sectors, it is fine).

I might be buying a new notebook soon (the Dell is heavy & slow and upgrading the memory will cost too much), but have the problems of overheating HDDs been solved?

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  1. I ohnestly haven't heard of laptop hd overheating at all. There must have been something faulty in that laptop. I put a little hd temp monitoring thing on my laptop and the hd stays between 30-35C. That is very acceptable.
    You shouldn't run into any hd overheating issues again.
    I guess I could see it getting near those temps if you have the laptop running for very long periods of time in a very hot place or running hd intensive tasks.

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  2. a lot of people use laptops on their laps or on a pillow or something like that and wonder why the temps are so high. you have to allow the vents access to air. and like folken, overheating issues should not occur in new laptops. i have the dell 8600 inspiron. i can hear the fan go off and thats' it. sure, the bottom gets hot but that is the battery. like any battery, they heat up with use. if i use my laptop on my lap and allow access to air by all of the vents my thighs will get so warm that during winter I don't need a heater no jeans!!!

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  3. If you wish to reproduce, I strongly reccomend you don't put the laptop on you lap ;)

    In all seriousness, there's a very simple way to discuss laptop heat.

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    If Laptop CPU != Pentium M, then you can open up your own omelet shop on the laptop after keeping it on your legs for a few hours.
  4. Don't joke - a guy in the news received 2nd or 3rd degree burns to his, erm, 'sensitive areas'? its on a news site somewhere...

    and about two years back, a girl was working on her dad's notebook on her lap when it promptly exploded resulting in quite sever injuries. Nice. (I believe it was a P4 :P)


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