Installing XP without losing files?

I have a previous versionof XP that I cannot access.
I reinstalled XP in a nother folder instead of the "WINDOWS" folder.

I now have to instances of XP on the hardrive.

I need to access a folder on my desktop in the "WINDOWS" folder but that desktop is password protected and I cannot access the files from my new desktop.

If I reinstall XP in the "WINDOWS" folder will that delete the files on the desktop? The files are music files and I cannot access them by doing a hardrice search. So I want to make sure I don't lose them by doing a re-install of XP

Is re-installing XP in the WINODWS folder the equivalent of a clean install or is it just recopying the OS system?

What is the best way for me to get these files that are on the desktop of another user setting that is password protected?
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  1. In WinXP user desktops are not under the "windows" folder.
    They are under c:/documents and settings/(username)/desktop

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  2. Correct. So will I lose those files if I re-install XP? The files are under another user profile in documents and settings which I cannot access because it is password protected.
  3. If you just do a repair on windows it will not erase that data.
    When you say it is password protected what exactly is poping up? Is it asking for a password or is it just saying access denied?
    If you have admin rights to your computer you can take ownership of any files on the machine. That would give you access if it is just saying access denied. Let me know what version of xp you are using (pro or home) and I could probably walk ya through how to take ownership of those files.

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  4. I reinstalled XP but I still have no access to those files under another user.

    Basically the files are oon the desktop of another user from a previous version of XP. I could not bhoot from that version so insytalled XP again.

    The user desktop was password protected, not the files.

    So when I click on the folder of the user in the "documents and settings" I get access denied.

    I am using XP professional
  5. Quote:
    So when I click on the folder of the user in the "documents and settings" I get access denied.

    You can take ownership of that folder so you'd be able to access your files.
    Make sure <b>Simple File Sharing</b> is disabled (My computer\Tools\Folder Options, clear the check mark). Right-click the folder and choose Properties, then Security tab. Click <b>Advanced</b> button and <b>Owner</b> tab. Change the owner to your account (also check <b>Replace owner on subcontainers and objects</b>).

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  6. I was able to access the files with all of you guys advice. That was a freaking pain in the a$$ to change all of those thinghs to gain access!!!!. I would have never figured it out without help!!

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