Formatting Win7 machine (upgraded from Vista) - Licensing?

Hi all,

Around 8 months i inherited a Windows 7 professional machine from a friend who replaced his system.
He originally brought the system from dell with Vista Business installed.
When windows 7 came out he decided to upgrade the OS and obtained a MAC code from Microsoft to do so.

The time has come for a clean out and reformat.
If i format the machine and install visa business as the OS then insert a Win 7 disk and upgrade using the previous mac code will i have any issues with regards to licensing/activation?
Would i be able to skip the vista business step?

Thanking in advanced,

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  1. Why would you need to install vista first? Was the Win-7 an upgrade?

    Either way, Windows shouldn't nag on you if it detects the same motherboard.
  2. Yeah it was an upgrade from Vista Business. So i should be ok to do that? Does it use mac address of the mobo then?
  3. just do a fresh install and format and install win7 and yah you shouldnt have any activation problems.
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