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Hi. I was just finishing this game when my new PC arrived and so I sold my old one in which I had MWF2 installed. Before selling the PC I uninstalled the game from my PC. The game is 100% original I should say. So the question is: if I install MWF2 on my PC and also STEAM (it is required to play it) would I be able to get my saved games? I mean, does STEAM keep the record about your saved games? Thanks!
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  1. Steam games use something known as Steam Cloud, which saves all your personal settings online. Though the saved game profiles are usually saved on your hard drive, I'm guessing once you reinstall the games linked with your Steam account, your saved games will be available. Everytime you play a game on Steam, any progress made during gameplay gets automatically sync'd once you exit the game.

    I'm not sure whether its applicable to ALL Steam games by now though....the update happened in 2008, so I'm guessing it should apply MW2 as well. :)
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