Chosing a mouse pad

I recently ordered a Razer Imperator gaming mouse and need a mouse pad for it...
I have to decide between Steelseries StellPad QCK/ QCK+ or Gigabyte GP-MP8000.
Any opinions are really welcome, thanks alot!
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  1. I use a binder, yeah a cheap vinyl/plastic coated binder from staples. I needed a mouse pad, it was the only decent surface around at the time, worked great so I still use it. smooth as could b ^_^
  2. The Steelseries StellPad QCK is a good one
  3. I don't Know exactly, but i know that Steelseries is the best. Razer and Cyborg are also very good
  4. Try Razer Goliathus @
    I use it very smooth texture. but prone to dust.
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