Trouble, 1 SATA (boot) and 2 IDE on Abit IS7

Hi there everyone!

Upon the advice of many here (thanks!) I went with the Abit IS7 board, so far so good :) One (only) problem I am having so far tht I can't seem to find the answer for is this:

I have my Raptor SATA drive as the boot drive, hooked to SATA1. I have an IDE drive hooked to Pri IDE (with CDrw as slave on Pri. IDE). Works great. When I hook another IDE drive up to the secondary IDE channel (jumpered as master) the system will not boot. It goes past recognizing the drives etc. then just hangs with a black screen. In Bios everything is there, everything is assigned to the correct place, and boot sequence for hard drives is correct. I'm a little stumped as to why it won't boot when I hook up the Sec. IDE? Any help appreciated (latest Bios installed etc.) I basically want to do this so I can transfer all my old files from my old computer to this one since trying across my network is S-L-O-W for some reason.
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  1. Sure you have correct master jumper? WDs, and some others, ahve a master, and a master no slave(or however they phrase it). Make sure you have it jumpered correctly.
  2. The SATA drive I left as is, since it states so in the info manual (except in enterprise environment or server I think it said). The 2 IDE drives are Maxtors.
  3. heya metal:

    heh if it were me and it were doing this i would just be like fine be a bastard and put it as slave on the primary IDE controller hehe
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