Crysis 2, saw the trailer im confused??

I just played Crysis and Crysis warhead about 2 days ago, played through and beat both. I loved them so I was looking into the next installment.

Did I miss something? what happened to going back to the island to fight the alien things? Cause the trailer suggests the whole game was moved to NYC all of a sudden.

Im kinda pissed, just dropping the current progression of events to make a happy transition to consoles is kinda queer.

Anyone know if this game is gonna have High res textures for PC or if were gonna get screwed with console textures like most games??

ok im done...thoughts?
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  1. I myself love Cysis owe aint played Warhead yet, keep meaning to buy it on Steam but to your question..

    I believe Crysis 2 is firstly a PC game and this will be ported over to the console rather than the now common port to PC so Yes the game will look superior on a high end PC.

    But with the game looking pretty dencent on 360/PS3 I think even a good mid range pc will look just as good as the consoles.

    These are my own oppinion on the Mid range PC thought so im happy to be proved wrong but i believe Crytek have learned alot over the last few years.

    Again, I cant wait for this game!!
  2. Yes, the whole setting is moving to NYC. Even I was a bit disappointed by that, b'coz, lets face it, nothing beats the lush greens tropics.
    But don't worry, the graphics will be as mind blowing as ever, & will raise the bar, like the first game had done 3 years ago ...,news-33254.html
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