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I use to play this computer game in the early 90's, i dont remember the name, but you where this guy and you moved him around with the arrow keys. The point of the game was to move these blocks and try to trap these spiders/bugs before they got you. You could adjust the amout of blocks you had to work with and the number of spiders. Know where i could find it?
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  1. dvd-roms are backward compatible with cd's...???
  2. Is the game you want called Rodent's revenge? If so here is the link:
    I am playing this now on my Vista 32 bit machine. ;)
  3. Wow cool, not the game i was thinking of but very close...i downloaded it and there were a bunch of file, non of which were an .exe. how do i get the game to work?
  4. ok so i got the exe file using winRAR. Now i get this message:

    "The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your couputer's system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher"

    What do i do?
  5. Alright I will have to check it out when I get home. I don't remember seen a 32/64 download option
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