Games crashing to desktop

Recently i have formatted my windows drive and now i am facing games which i install again are crashing. I formatted my windows again but still facing the same problem. I have updated all my drivers but still facing the same problem.

Can anyone help me in this regard. Thank You
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  1. Which games?
    What's your setup?
    What are the errors shown, if any?
  2. Yes, you'l need to list out your problems in more detail, including your system specs ...
  3. Sorry for the late reply.

    The games which are crashing are Generals,Wolverine, Battlefield bad company. The problem is the games wont show up instead it will keep on loading and will crash after 1-3 mins time in loading process, it wont futher proceed. I have updated my direct x and install direct x 9c along with directx 10, updated by bios and graphic card drivers as well as my chipset drivers.

    I tried the same games and setup on my other compter where they are workin perfectly fine (no issue). Tried this on my laptop as well as a desktop machine.

    Specs: Core 2 Duo 2.66 4mb, 2gb ram, MSI 240 gtx 1 Mb, 320 gb hard,Intel motherboard dg33fb.
  4. Don't install DX 9 with Dx 10. Go with what is available as default for your graphics card.
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