Why does my wireless on my xbox keep disconnecting??

it connects then half way through a game, it will pop up with a message saying
'disconnected from xbox live'
so il check the colour of the wirless adaptor, its either green or red, so il pull it out put it back in then click sign in and it will sign in again, sometimes this works, sometimes it dont, so il reboot the xbox and it signs in again.

im not too far from my wireless hub, i am only in the room next door...

:S help will be most appreciated :)
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  1. change channel on wireless router/hub, my getting interference, ensure no cordless phones next to wireless device. Some phones are still at 2.4Ghz which is identical to the wireless frequency on routers.
  2. You might want to try setting your NAT type to Open, as mine was Moderate and doing the same thing, but works fine now it is open.
    This can be done from the routers DMZ menu.
    I have a Belkin router, and can select individual IPs to be open in the DMZ menu, so it is only my Xbox 360 that is open, and everything else in the house is still on moderate :)
  3. Yeah dude, the same crap is happening to my Wireless Adapter I've had since nearly 18 months now. Since the past 3 days (starting May 14th-May 17th) I've been disconnected from War Of The Worlds (COD) online aswell whenever I play Call Of Duty 2.It's weird cause on the first day it disconnected me like 6 times and then the second day 15 times and then the 3rd day(TODAY) like more than 20 times. It even gave me a record of being disconnected 6 times in a row when playing online. Anyhow, It's not till about 5 minutes into playing the game that I get disconnected and then it just boots me out of the game and then says "PLEASE WAIT..." only to tell me 30 seconds later I'm disconnected from XBOX LIVE. It's really ANNOYING and I'm not sure why this is happening! I even tried switching the Wireless Adapter to my brothers CONSOLE since I did infact buy a new xbox 360 console and wasn't quite sure if it had to do with a bad connection with my new consoles USB connection. Unfortunately that wasn't the case since it did the exact thing on my brothers console. I even switched the IP address to see if maybe that was causing some interference....But still, NOTHING! I did notice when I disconnected the Wireless Adapter that it was really HOT. Oh, I used to play with that adapter in my room like 20 feet from the modem and it worked fine! So, yeah, I even tried connecting everything next to the modem since that's where my brother hooks his xbox up to, but it didn't do squat. My conclusion is the wireless adapter is worn out and needs to be replaced. I'll post you on this man since I'll be getting a new one by tomorrow and see if it helps in any way. Btw, I really do think it's worn out cause I noticed with my 3 year old rechargeable battery has stopped working since the past 6 months. I truly believe all of xbox's stuff(console,wireless adapter,rechargeable battery,power cord, clickers,ect) are all temporarily built to last just a few years and then die off so they can make a profitable income with people like us who wanna play xbox and will gladly pay for another product in order to get back on our xbox 360. It's really BS and I really do believe xbox should admit there deceitful act and give ALL XBOX 360 users unlimited time on XBOX LIVE without them having to pay 50 bucks a pop on these damn gold memberships. I mean, that's the LEAST they can do for all the crap they've done to us XBOX 360 owners/fans. Anyways, to all that may have had this symptom with there wireless adapters, please feel free to note on this message I wrote out and give me some useful feedback on what solutions have worked for you on this or if infact buying a new wireless adapter has been the KEY RESOLVING PROBLEM. Thanx....
  4. I have seen some issues with Xbox 360 and certain routers and how the MTU is not set correctly (I know there is a patch specifically for 2Wire 2700 DSL modem/router and Xbox 360) Something about setting MTU to 1534 and by default it's at 1500. This is not an issue with PS3 apparently or the Wii, just Xbox 360. I believe you can get more info directly at Xbox360 website. It may not be the issue, but if you are having this issue I would try the patches they have to possible fix this.
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