wi-fi home network - what's the best for linux?

My house is now equipped with 4pc's : one laptop, 3 desktop computers, one of them have linux installed. I have a DSL connection, (but I think my ISP won't let me have 4 ip's adresses since I'm not a professional user), and I plan to use the laptop anywhere in the house and in the garden (802.11g would be fine I think), two computers are sharing an internet connection on one usb modem (they both use xp).
Now, I want to change the way computers share this internet : I want the linux system to be connected (rj-45 or wi-fi, it really doesn't matter), the two others are close enough to the phone line, so they can stay that way. If someone could give me a wi-fi 802.11g router wich is OS independent and give me another reference for the modem (Os independent), or only one box to do the whole stuff, I would appreciate since I don't understand which kind of thing (between a gateway, a router and a dsl modem, or a router + dsl modem,...) works better (in terms of speed and price, security isn't my major concern) and wich one takes less space (I would prefer to buy only one component, if it is possible).
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  1. You would benifit greatly from a little home router. I myself prefer Linksys for home routers but Netgear and D-Link make decent ones too. It would be a router, firewall, have an integrated switch (usually 4 or more ports) and be a wifi accesspoint all in one little box. Every machine in your house would have internet access all the time.
    I'd get the Linksys WRT54G, everyone I know who has one loves it. It has a 4port 10/100 switch and 802.11g wifi.

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  2. yeah, but does it has a dsl modem? I can't connect my usb modem to a 10/100 port. Does access point mean cable/dsl modem included?
  3. ack, duh.
    Yes there are units that have a modem built in too. Unfortunatly linksys doesn't make one but the netgear one looks decent.
    The Netgear DG834G is a dsl modem, router, firewall, 4port 10/100 switch, and 802.11g wireless.

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