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Hi guys, im looking to buy a monitor that i can play my xbox360 on , i have an xbox360 with an hdmi cable .... but the problem is i have a turtle beach x1 and the turtle beaches use the red and white cables.. i was wondering if any monitors have what im looking for .. because i dont want to use the monitors speakers but my turtle beaches.. thanks :)
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  1. Thanks, i have this it came with my hdmi cable ... but im lost trying to find a monitor with all this..
  2. I have my Xbox connected to my computer monitor.

    its an LG from, about...3 years ago now.

    It has VGA (to my computer) and a DVI port. I was lucky in that I had recieved a HDMI to DVI MALE cable with my Star Choice Reciever. I plug the HDMI into the xbox and then the DVI into my monitor.

    With my xbox I had also recieved a audio connection. It sits above the HDMI port on the back of the xbox and I plug in there.

    I also have the X1 and with mine came a AUDIO to 3mm jack. From the Audio connection from the xbox I attach this adapter that will convert left and right audio to a 3 mm (I believe) jack. I then plug my Headphones into the jack and I have audio through my turtle beach headset....WHICH i love btw, best set of headphones I've EVER bought.

    Does that give you more of an idea how it works?
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