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Ive just finished reading the new section about the 865/875 vs. the 925/915 chipsets and I noticed that tom listed the ECS boards as a high end motherboard, and i for one work in the repair industry and most of the bad board i see are ecs and those cheap boards that hp produces. I would like to hear about other peoples experiences with ecs.
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  1. I sent 2 ecs boards to members of my family, and have one backup system with one. They don't offer overclocking options in the bios, but for most people, they will work ok. Ecs charges about $30-35 handling fee for warranty, last time I checked. Abit, msi, and albatron won't charge you anything. Albatron gave me the fastest service.
  2. I personally think my ECS K7S5A is the best motherboard I've ever owned. My buddy has one in his system as well. It's not the fastest or most feature rich, but it's really dependable. I flashed the bios with the overclockers bios and have been loving it for years.

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  3. Boards so elite, it's right in the name! Elite boards are PC-Chips as far as I know, the CHEAPEST boards in the industry.

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  4. Of the half-dozen or so motherboards I've seen with leaky capacitors... 4 of them were ECS boards. The other two were IBM motherboards. Take from that what you will, but I for one will NEVER recommend an ECS motherboard to anyone.

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  5. It says in the article that PC chips are owned by ECS, but PC chips is the budget brand. ECS are now trying to become reputable, and by the looks of things, are starting to succeed. The step to 6 layer PCB'S is a right one, maybe these will last longer than the older boards by ECS.

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  6. They are coming around.

    I've setup computers with ECS boards and I haven't any complaints. Only problem with these people is the system crashes through no fault of the PC or the board. Most of my problems are with users because they don't listen.

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  7. ECS used to be the largest producer of mobos in the world. They have made boards for most of the large manufacturers like gateway and HP. They make stable boards, but do not make boards for novices. If you are careless with the hsf, you will ruin the board.
    With the K7S5A they started to really catch on with smaller oems. If you see a lot of problem boards, it is probably because of the large number of boards they make.
    They are now #2 behind Asus in mobo production. I have built a lot of systems with sis chipsets on thier boards, and have yet to have one fail during warranty, and only one fail in the last four years.
    Just the same, for my own systems, I use Abit and Asus.
    Oh, guess I forgot to mention that Asus bought ECS's laptop fab. That way they could stop paying for the finished product. That plant had made laptops for a lot of other outfits, including apple.

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