Good headset for online gaming?

Im looking into getting a good headset that isnt too pricy for online gaming communication. Looking for opinions on what I should look at.

Also was wondering if there was a way to get just voice through the head set and have all other audio go through my speakers. Is there a separate headset jack on my mobo? do I need a sound card? is there software? does it already work like this?

Im a noob to online PC gaming. Last game I played was COD4 back when I had my 360.

Prolly just gonna be playing crysis wars, maybe bioshock 2 when I get it.

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  1. I just got the Creative Arena last week, and it's very good. Not too pricey either. (found it for about 80-90$ on ebay including shippment, which
    is ok comparing to other expansive headsets like logitech's G35). If you live in the US you can get it for cheaper for sure.

    It has great sound quality (also in music & movies!), good surround (virtual surround), and is very comfortable.

    I can't really compare it to other headsets because I've never had any, other than normal headphones.

    I also heard that Razer's carcharias and megalodon (the most expansive razer headset available) are pretty good.

    The question is how much money you wanna spend, and if you have a good soundcard, or if you want to get a USB headset (which includes a built-in sound card with the headset).
  2. Hey, you should take a look at the Steel series Siberia V2.

    I've had these and numerous other headsets and these are by far the best.

    I've seen a place on eBay you can get them for £61.10 plus postage (around $90 plus postage).

    Although they're not the cheapest around, they are definitely worth the money, you should take a look.

    That's the link that I got them from on eBay.
  3. Currently I use a speedlink medusa, v nice headsets (mine is similar to this but not usb - Bit old and knackered tho now so gonna get some Roccat Kave's - when payday rolls around.
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