fx 53 939 mobo difference?

Hello all,
I was looking at the a8v asus socket 939 mobo but isaw crashmans comment on how the via chipset was 2000 times worse than nvidia so now im confused since there are so few 939 mobos out. i went to gigabytes website ther 939 mobo says nforce 3 ultra but is that the nforce 3 250 gb i have been reading about? what board should i choose? i dont care about the cost of the board and want to buy a mobo with in the next 2 weeks what is the best mobo to go with?

pentium 4 3.2
oczpc3500 el ddr platinum matched ddr433
western digital raptor 74 gig 10k rpm
8knxp gigabyte
geforce 4 titanium 4600(i know get a faster card)soon!
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  1. Sorry this isn't a answer to your post but i'm having a simliar issue so i thought i'd add it hear rather than creating a new post with the same question

    I'm also looking at getting a 939 setup very soon and i really don't want VIA, Ideally I would like an ASUS board based on the Nforce3 250 Ultra Chipset, does anyone know if ASUS are working on one of these? Currently there only seems to be one motherboard out using that chipset and it doesn't look that great.....anyone know if there are more due soon cause that's all i'm waiting for to upgrade....i was gonna wit for PCI-X and SLI but i've given up after being told that might not be here till 1stq2005

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