Hi,i was wondering if anyone knows how to apply mods to GTR Evolution.I have been online to find out and some say that you have to go into your "GameData" folder.I have looked for this and cannot find it.I have it installed through Steam,i have been into the steam folder and located the game but no Game Data folder.I have been into the SimBin folder and all thats got is a uninstall folder.Any one got any ideas.Many thanks.
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  1. I am guessing nobody knows then :(
  2. Is that game an Awesome Game?
  3. it like most game i think you do it the same way at gta take one file save in a diff place replace with the mod,look up youtube (if none of the game try gta way)
  4. Ok,thanks very much for the reply,i will try youtube,and yes it is a very good game,cant wait for the new one that they are working on.
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