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IT just installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 Enterprise on my Dell Latitude e6400 laptop at work.

It takes about 5 minutes to load windows. By load, I mean it takes 5 minutes from the time I enter my username/password until my desktop appears.

Corporate IT can't figure out what's causing the delay and told me I just have to wait or figure it out for myself!

I'm technically competent, so I'm turning to you, the community, to help me figure out where to look :)

Is there any logging I can enable and then inspect to analyze what the machine is doing during this wait period? I don't believe the data in MSCONFIG's "Boot Log" would help, since this "wait" occurs after the boot process.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Sounds like a failing hard drive to me. Get your corporate IT folks to swap in a new drive and reinstall Windows 7. If it boots up quickly like it should (booting a vanilla install should take no more than about 30 seconds even on the slowest hardware), you have your answer.
  2. Since it's a laptop. is it loading any crapware you don't know about?
  3. Given that this is a corporate system, required software that the company uses will be included. Also given that this isn't a more widespread problem (at least, the OP did not give any indication of that), we can assume that their corporate image is not to blame for the problem at hand. It's much more likely to be a hardware based problem.
  4. The_Prophecy - IT gave me a brand new e6400 with Windows 7 today, still having the same problem. There aren't too many others with the same hardware/os, but IT said they believe they're having similar issues.

    pastit - I'm not sure what it's loading, that's why I'm looking for a way to log everything that starts when the computer loads.

    - - -

    Is there software / a window's config that will show me everything that loads / network connections that are being established / etc., including the duration of the loading period / connection timeout or wait time? The problematic time period is after I enter my username/password, the "Welcome" screen just sits for 5 minutes while the blue ring/hourglass spins, then dumps me into my desktop with no sign of anything weird having occurred.


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    There actually is such a piece of software. It's in the beta stages right now, but give Soluto a try. It may be able to pinpoint the source of the problem.
  6. Soluto sounds interesting, but it mentions in its "About" page:

    "Unless you’re a power-user, you probably don't know what’s causing the frustrations, those moments where some mysterious process is hogging your PC’s resources. Even if you are a power-user, it can take quite some time to pin-point the causes. "

    What would a power user look at to determine what's taking a while to load during the Windows 7 sign on process? Where should I look to identify the logs that are created during this time?

    I'm technically competent, I've just never read the Windows manual to identify what I'm looking for in terms of logging (I think 3.1 was the last version that shipped with a hard copy manual).
  7. Power users would simply know more about the processes that Soluto identifies when it does it's analysis at boot up, rather than looking somewhere else to fix the same issue. Soluto simply provides a different interface to modify the same data.
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