I have a ASUS EN8400GS.In every new game requirement it says that minimum of nvidia 7800gt excluding nvidia gforce 8400gs.why is that only this graphics card excluded.when i run the test in system requirments lab with the game X-Men Origins: Wolverine it says so.will any body say why
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  1. That's because the 8400gs is not as fast as the 7800gt.

    7800 GT Specs
    Memory 512MB
    Memory Interface 256-bit
    Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec) 54.4
    Fill Rate (Billion pixels/sec) 13.2

    8400 GS Specs
    Memory 256MB
    Memory Interface 64-bit
    Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec) 6.4
    Fill Rate (Billion pixels/sec) 3.6

    As you can see, the Memory Interface of the 7800GT is 256-bit while it's only 64-bit for the 8400.

    Next, Memory Bandwidth for the 7800GT is 54.4 GB/sec as opposed to the 6.4 GB/sec for the 8400.

    Finally, the Fill Rate for the 7800 is 13.2 billion pixels/sec while the 8400 can only do 3.6 billion pixels/sec.

    That's the answer. 8400GS < 7800GT. The only saving grace is the 8400 series does DX10 while the 7800 series do not.

    It's kind of like how an Radeon 9800 is < Radeon X1950. The naming scheme was confusing.
  2. I'm guessing your assumptions of video card performance is rather simplistic; meaning you are assuming the higher the "number", the better it is. For example, you rather have $120 than $100, right?

    Video cards are a little more complex than that. First number denotes the generation or card series. Therefore, nvidia 8xxx cards are newer than 7xxx cards. The next series of numbers more or less defines the performance level of that series.

    The 7800GT is rather high end for that series while the 8400GS is on the low end for that series. Since those cards are only one generation apart from each other, expecting a low end card of a newer generation to outperform a high end card from the previous generation is a bit unrealistic. The specs that isamuelson proves that point.

    You'll need to wait a few generations for even a mid level card to be on par with an older high end card in terms of overall performance. For example, the ATI HD 4670 mid level performance card is a little faster than the high end X1900XT from 3 generations ago.

    Unfortunately, if the 8400GS is not capable of playing any of the games you want to play then you only have two choices:

    1. Don't play games.
    2. Upgrade your card.

    Before spending anymore money on a video card, you should look at benchmarks to determine if the video card you wanna buy has good enough performance. I like xbitlabs' reviews:

    Based on your choice of the 8400GS, I assume you are looking for a budget card. I recommend the HD 4670 which can be bought for less than $70 before shipping:
  3. The 8400GS is crap! Even the 7600GT is better.

    BTW: Higher number does not mean a better card.
  4. which graphics card should i buy.i have a asus m2n68-am plus.DDR2 motherboard.i am looking for a budget under 100$.i like the nvidia cards
  5. chrissmartin said:
    i am looking for a budget under 100$.

    Is that 100 US or other?
  6. Mousemonkey said:
    Is that 100 US or other?

    i am in india.indian price
  7. below RS4500
  8. chrissmartin said:
    i am in india.indian price

    You might be best served if you posted links to shops or sites that you can buy from then as prices for cards is not the same in different countries.
  9. Userremoved said:

    i want a mid-level card
  10. HD5770
    A good mid-level card has about the same power has a GTX260 (SIMILAR NOT NOT SAME) and supports DX11.
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