Gaming OS ?

What Operating System should i use? I mainly play games, and surf the web.

My choices are -
Windows XP Pro
Windows Server 2003 Standard
Windows Server 2003 Enterpise

I havent found any review in 2003 yet. So if any ones knows where they are. that would be helpful and according to micosoft Windows 2003 runs 2 to 3 tims faster then nt4 on the same hardware.

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  1. 2003 is for running a server. If you want to play games I would probably stick to XP. I haven't heard anyone even mention 2003 in the same sentence as games.

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  2. That's right... and why would one pay the extra $ to get a server O/S just for gaming.
  3. well i have my own biss and just want to try some new stuff. I would use 2000 but it doesnt have the features that xp has.

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  4. What kinda "features" does XP have that 2000 doesnt have??

  5. i agree with phukface...
    there was even an article on tom's that mentioned how xp and 2000 performed equally for all games.
  6. I actually like WinXP Pro but moved back to 2000 pro just because it's less of a footprint.

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  8. Win2000 doesn't have phukking cool interface like XP

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  9. I can't stand the default XP green weird start menu. Along with a few other visual thingies, that's the only beef I have with XP

    I've got 2 98s, 1 2000, and 2 XPs now

    It's all good ^_^
  10. are you [-peep-] kiddin me, the xp interface is damn gay / annoying! seriously. i'm stickin with win2000 until win2003 pro comes out for home use. plus win2000 is easier to network than xp, plus xp you have to register and can't use more than once which mean you have to pay if you wan tto put it on another comp. it's alltogether gay. plus it's not compatible with older programs / games. stick with win2000 man.
  11. You can set XP to look like win2k very very easily. I have mine set to look like bluecurve from redhat right now... Simple.

    Have you seen the gui for win 2k3 yet?

    You have to pay if you want to install 2k on more than one system too you know... If you are willing to break that part of the licensing, then you could just as easily get the corp edition of XP and you don't have to activate...

    It's overall quite a heterosexual OS IMO, not gay at all.

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  12. lol i agree that it is heterosexual. i try to spend as litle time using xp as possible. how exactly do you set it to look like win2k? i've fooled around in settings a bit on my friend's comp and set some things back to i think it was "classical view" but i could never get it all the way.
  13. Just set it to classic view, classic start menu, and classic control panel and that's pretty much everything.

    Some day I'll be rich and famous for inventing a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet.
  14. My XP looks and runs as much like win2000 as humanly possible. All my games that run on 2000 run fine on my XP.

    And by the way, I haven't registered my versions of XP
    (put 2 + 2 together, *clears throat*)

    It's all good ^_^

    Im just kidding. Keep on doing it they are mney hungry bastards.

    Oh and Silverpig I agree.

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  16. XP=Gay

    I've got a 2GHz laptop with a ati7000 runnin 98 and it works great. My buddy has the same exact laptop except his runs 2.8 and has a 9000. He runs XP and it sucks!! He can't play old DOS games nor does the latest DX9 game work right as well. Enter the matrix locks up on XP if you try to change anything in the config. Ever try to play a game on the defalt setting? It sucks! Works fine on mine with 98!

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  17. Win2000 is the best. And XP is better than 98/Me

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  18. XP has serious problems on my rig, but I think it might be my motherboard. The problems sometimes occur under 98 as well, but get way worse if you install recent Via 4 in 1s. I think XP probably has a newer VIA driver than 98, which doesn't work properly with my (POS) motherboard. I'm pretty sure the motherboard has hardware problems too, though.
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