250 GB HD + Windows XP Install

My bios recognizes the hard drive, but when I go to install windows on the drive, the Windows install doesn't recognize the hard drive.

I think its bigger than what XP likes to allow... how can I get around this?
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  1. What hard drive is it?
    Is it IDE or SATA?
    If it is IDE and plugged into an onboard raid controller you will need to load the controller drivers off a floppy during the windows install (hit f6 as soon as the installer starts).
    You will need to do the same thing if it is SATA and plugged into a raid controller.

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  2. I don't think its plugged into a raid controller, and I believe it is IDE
  3. it IS ide. The bios recognizes it, but windows install says this:

    "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer"
  4. Might have to make yourself a XP CD with SP1 slipstreamed into it... that should correct the issue. (Unless your IDE controller needs drivers via F6)

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  5. There are jumpers on the drive that will make it "smaller", use that make OS partition and install XP, after upgrade to SP1 you can move those jumpers to a fool capacity.

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  6. and what if that fool has no capacity?

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  7. then he'll have to play with fool size of it (if there is one of coarse ;)

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