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Hello, i'm in a situation where i've been running windows xp 32bit, and I do music production with pro tools and a good number of plugins. So i'm planning on upgrading to windows 7 64bit, mainly to have more cpu and upgrade my ram. I have my computer custom built, and i've checked my hardware, processor, etc, and it's all 64bit compatible, and can take up to 16 gigs of ram, but i was wondering about my software. I have two main internal hard drives, one my c, which is 1tb and my second f drive which is 1.5tb. Obviously my c drive has windows xp 32bit installed, and i was wanting to install windows 7 64bit on my second hard drive f 1.5 tb, Can I install windows 7 64bit to a specific folder in my f drive? Without it deleting the files i have on my f drive already? Because i was wanting to have windows xp 32, still on my my c drive, just in case. Will it be possible then on windows 7, to locate my c drive and run programs i had installed on windows xp? If not, will i have to just have to reinstall all software i need on windows 7 64bit, to my f drive? Or is there anyway of moving the software entirely to windows 7?
Any help, i would greatly appreciate!
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  1. You can dual boot XP and W7, but you will need to:
    -- either add a HDD for W7, or
    -- create a primary active partition large enough for W7 and your programs, maybe 60-70GBs.

    If you have 70GBs free on your c drive, you could create the partition there. I've been using Partition Magic and Partition Wizard (a free program that allows you add, change, adjust partitions).

    You will have to install your programs while running in W7; you cannot point to them to the programs on the XP HDD.

    Another trick, if you dual boot, is to change My Documents (in both operating systems) to another primary partition or HDD. If you create the W7 partition on the c drive, you can make your d drive your data drive by right-clicking on My Documents (in windows explorer) and changing the properties to D:

    After you've loaded W7, you can do the same thing to change My Documents to the D drive. Now all your data will be on the D drive. You'll still need to backup your data regularly, but you won't lose it if XP or W7 crashes because it's on the separate data drive.
  2. Thank you so much for the reply! Do you think after creating another partition in my f drive for windows 7, i can still use my other remaining partition from my f drive as storage? I have some large sample programs, that the program itself is easy to reinstall, but the sample libraries are very large, and i have most of them on my f drive, with of course the program itself installed on my c drive, where windows xp is currently installed to.
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