Need RPG recommendations (I'm picky)

Hi all, as far as I know, I like RPG games, but after a true thirst for a new one to play, I was very disappointed with Dragon Age.

Here's why I think: Dragon Age keeps you removed from the action with strategic desicions that slow everything down a lot. I want to play in real time.
I'm also not a fan of the party system. I play FPSs the majority of the time and I like the up-close 1st or 3rd person lone adventurer type.

Those are my thoughts. Also, as reference, I loved Oblivion. A very good game that didn't bore you with excessive desicion-making. I also loved Mass effect 1&2. A very good FPS/RPG cross.

Any recommendations would be great thanks!

PS - I have played Fallout 3, but it just seemed like Oblivion with new wallpaper...what to do...
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  1. metro 2033
  2. Witcher, great mature action rpg. Can be played over the shoulder or from above.

    Also, a bit older is Dark messiah: might and magic. Based on the source engine it is a good game with great combat or at least I thought so, there should be a demo as well.

    Vampire the masquerade - bloodlines is one that gets a mention sometimes, never got round to finishing it myself but one to think on.

    Of course I loved dragon age, put in 150hrs and not yet stopped, odd really due to the fact you do everything pretty much the same fro most of it but I think it is great.
  3. The true classics of the RPG genre are the Bioware titles: Baldur's Gate I and II, Knights of the Old Republic I & II and many others. However, they are even slower paced than Dragon Age. Dialogues are lengthy and often very deep. Characters have feelings you must care for. Nobody is purely a villain or purely a hero. Your decisions affect who you become. In short, not the sort of game you seem to want.

    The greatest of the RPG genre are slow paced with lots of dialogue, face it. Today there are plenty of half decent action packed RPG's like metro 2033, but these are more of an FPS with some RPG sauce.
  4. fable is another good one
  5. I've played through about 1/3 of fable 2, and I can't decide if I want to play more... it seems too light-hearted...I don't know if I should continue with it or not

    in response to Silmarunya, I would say that you helped me realize that I want what are called "action RPGs," but I do still want dialog choices that affect the game's outcome, I just don't care about building relationships with the game's characters.
  6. I still say witcher then, you don't have to build character relationships if you don't want to, although everyone will hate your guts although the ending will be the same to some degree regardless of choices as it is pretty linear but how you get there will be slightly different.

    You get some alchemy and good swordplay although it is set moves done by timed clicking and you can string attacks which isn't everyone's cup of tea but great if you like it.
  7. Theres a couple but ill put it in the top 5
    Arcania a gothic tale
    Two worlds 2
    Alpha protocol
    Oblivion GOTYE
    Fallout 3 GOTYE
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