CS 1.6 Problem

Alright here i go......

XFX 8600GT 512mb
E6850 3.0Ghz C2D
2gb Ram

While playing cs i get random skips for what seems like a split second if that its annoying to have them eventually the game will smooth out but only when i am using r_mmx 1. I am pretty good at figuring out problems in cs but this one has stumped me. I will also get random times where i get serious fps where it is very difficult to move.

also during the random skips it only goes from 99fps -> 100fps but i see that normally while playing.

could this be a hardware problem or something to do with my game files being corrupt.... because it does not happen in any other game I play.

thanks :D
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  1. Is it maybe an online issue? Do you still get random skips when playing on a map with only bots? If you do then I don't know. Maybe try running it in a window, I know that worked for a friend of mine who had CS smoothness issues.
  2. yes it happens online as well as in a lan server. i refuse to play in window mode D: thank you though for the suggestion.

    also my monitor is flickering off and on could this be linked?
  3. not sure about the monitor flickering, although don't rule it out. Playing in a window isnt too bad, you can still set the resolution super high so its basically full screen but has the window bar up top :P
  4. i play 8x6 @ 120hz which i find amazing and have been using it ever since i got this crt monitor(Viewsonic A91f+) and i wouldnt want to change to windowed mode.

    ALSO, looking for someone to help me troubleshoot my problems if possible ive asked a couple of people and i am aobut to take it up to pc werks where LethalGamers is held and get larry to help me out :D if i cant fix it in the next week or so D: been glitchy for the past 3-6weeks
  5. if 8x6 you mean 800x600, thats actually kinda low. its not a taxing game, try run it in 1280x1024 (optional windowed mode)...you know u want to ;)
  6. In fact, since the viewsonic is 1024x768 optimal resolution at 80Hz, the flickering might be caused by the monitor. try changing the resolution and hz around a bit, that might be wat causes cs to flicker.
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