Street racing game that's kinda open

i'm looking for a pc game where i can customize my car, i can just sort of speed around a city like i don't have to race npcs. the best one i can think of is need for speed underground 2 but i want some better graphics and maybe more area to roam. i don't want anything where it's only in so closed area like nascar.
i was thinking of buying some other need for speeds but everyone says they suck. i did play most wanted and the cops annoyed me but it was still fun enough, so please give me any suggestions and tell me if some of the newer street racing nfs games are alright lol
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  1. Need for speed undercover but there are cops
  2. is under cover better then most wanted? i've seen a few people say it sucks compared to mw
  3. blur
  4. lol ya i'm gonna get that one for sure. but i thought there wasn't free roaming. like you have to race npcs
  5. no there is complete free roaming in NFS Undercover, more areas to go to, more cars, more customizations, more races when you want to do them, other wise you can just travel around and get a look at everything. graphics are way better then Underground 2. NFS Shift is also suppose to be good, and sign up for NFS World. haven't played to many other racing games as NFS Series has free roaming and the others don't that I know of.
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