i just downloaded command and conquer red alert 3....after installing it and then opening it up a message appears...."please make sure you have directx 9.0 or higher installed.... i actually check what my system has and it says directx 10.0. but when i checked under the display tab it says i dont have directdraw acceleration or direct 3d acceleration or agp texture acceleration... any ideas or help?
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  1. Assume you running Vista :P
    You still need to install directx 9 drivers even though you have directx10. so if the game asked you during installation and you said no, then you should have let it install it. Check if directx9 isnt on the disc. If its not, check some other game discs, one should have it. :)
  2. If you are running Vista, it has been upgraded to DX11 from DX10. To my knowledge you don't have to roll back the DX to 9 to play those games. If you have DX 8 then you would need to upgrade from the disc to DX9.
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