Help finding an old motherboard

I need a motherboard that will do all of the following: uses 168-pin ram, supports a palomino 1900+ 1.6GHz cpu, and supports an AGP GF4 Ti4200...

My Matsonic MS8308 does all of this, but when I upgraded andtook out a GF2 MX400 and put in a GF4 Ti4200, the computer became unstable...

Obviously getting a board that will also take 184-pin ram and faster CPUs is a bonus [such as the ECS K7S5A], but this is not neccessary...

I just need a board that will do what I want and be stable with these extra parts I have collected... this computer will be for a 3rd gaming system on my LAN...

I would also like it to be cheap... :smile:

<font color=red><b>NF7-S/MBarton 2600+
208x11.5 1.82v SLK900A
1GB Corsair XMS PC3200
BuiltByATI 9800Pro</font color=red><font color=black>
NF7-S/Barton 2500+
200x11.5 1.76v
512MB XMS PC2700
Sapphire 9500@9700
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  1. K7S5A

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  2. I used 2 k7s5a pro boards in system builds last year, one with pc2100 and one with pc133. Newegg sometimes has them refurbished for $35, but new is just a few dollars more. Beware that some brands of pc133 won't run at full speed. I had to run a friend's setup at 100/100 for cpu/memory. His system wouldn't post at 133/133 with the brand of pc133 he had. Try your memory at 133/133, and if it doesn't post, just use the cmos jumper to reset the bios to 100/100, the default setting.
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